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Dear Lively Fans,

Due to the increasing cost of materials, Lively Lures this year will have a price increase on 'Fishing Lures Only' on an average of 10%-15% across the board. We realize this increase will affect the way some of our fans shop however to continue to create and supply 100% Australian Made fishing lures, we are left with no choice but to apply these costs into the product to stay afloat. On average you will see an increase of around $2 on a typical lure in our online store, leaving Lively Lures products still at respectful and affordable prices compared to our competition in the market.

Please Note: This will also allow Lively Lures to offer better DISCOUNTS month to month where you can save more on your favorite lures taking the hit back off the wallet. We want to continue to supply Australian fishermen with the highest quality products we can by keeping our products in Australia, made by Australian's so we hope all our fans can understand and respect this decision. We look forward to the offers we have in store for you all, but for now it's time to take advantage of the current prices as changes will come into effect July 31st 2018, giving all our fans an extra month into the new financial year to prepare for these changes.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for all your support in purchasing Australian Made fishing lures.
Lively Lures Team


Welcome to the Lively Lures Online Store

In 1987 I saw a need for a quality, tough and durable hard bodied fishing lures that would withstand the harsh treatment Australian fish can dish out.  We are blessed in my country with some of the toughest fish in the world such as barramundi, trevally, kingfish, tuna, mackerel, various snappers and many more species too numerous to list here.

Rather than work with a two part plastic lure, I decided to travel a different path and use polyurethane which provides a stronger end product that is solid bodied with all components built in.  This provides a fishing lure that will stay together and swim even if it has been punctured by sharp teeth.  This makes them unique.

It has been very gratifying over this long period to receive positive feedback from the general public stating that I did in fact go down the correct path.  I hope that you too will enjoy catching your favourite species on one of my many models in your home waters. Browse our available fishing lures online and buy online all from the comfort of your home, we will have your lures delivered in no time so you can catch your next fish on a lively lure!

Good fishing to you all!

Alan G. Dolan



(Please see the description of each Lively Lures product for hook sizes and details.)

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