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20% OFF - Value Pack!

$120 worth for just $96 plus FREE SHIPPING!


Here are the TOP 7 lures picked by Lively Lures Director Alan Dolan himself!


What's included and why?


1 x Micro Mullet - Pink Bit
Everyone's favourite #1 Flathead lure! This was a must have in the pack! Great for Flathead, Bream and even Australian Bass in the freshwater.

1 x Micro Mullet - Grey Ghost
Another must have and a big seller in the Lively Lures range. The perfect imitation baitfish for all types of fishing environments across the country.

1 x Mini Micro Mullet - Bleeding Mullet
Perfect for Trout, Bream, Flathead, Sooty Grunter & Jungle Perch.

1 x 2.5" Deep Mad Mullet - Pink/Yellow
Our pick for Mangrove Jack, Flathead & Barramundi in the saltwater and Yellowbelly, Bass actually just about anything in the fresh! (This is Alan's all time favourite colour!)

1 x Mohawk - Black/Gold
A lot of success with Estuary Cod, Bass & Barra on this lure!

1 x Ziggy SD '70' - Glitter Ghost
Everything from Trout in the South to Jungle Perch & Queenfish in the North! This colour is catching just about everything!

1 x Ziggy SD '90' - Lime Tiger
By far the most popular colour in our Ziggy Series surface lures since the launch earlier this year! If you're fishing for surface feeders like Barra, Bass & even Mangrove Jack in the shallows this colour has been a great success for many fishermen!

1 x Lively Lures Tackle Box
The perfect compartment for all your favourite Lively Lures!



PLEASE NOTE: All colours & sizes have been selected specifically for this pack and cannot be changed. You can add to your order through our website but the pack has been designed for the ultimate all-round fishing package.