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20% VALUE PACK on the BEST Barra lures in the Lively Lures collection!

$120 worth for just $96 plus FREE SHIPPING!


What's included and why?


1 x Ziggy SD '90' - Aussie Gold

The Ziggy's are becoming one of Lively Lures most popular and sort after lures as topwater fishing becomes more and more popular across the nation.


1 x Ziggy SD '110' - Chrome Dancer

At times bigger Barra need a BIGGER LURE and the Ziggy SD '110' proves strength and action can both be achieved on Barra for maximum results! The Chrome Dancer has been a huge success up north on the full moon with the splash & flash too tempting for those night time feeders.


1 x 3" Deep 'Mad Mullet' - Pink/Yellow

Lively founder Alan Dolan's favourite colour of choice for Barra! Alan has personally caught 100+ Barra from a single Pink/Yellow 'Mad Mullet' fishing for Barramundi in the Northern Territory & Weipa!


1 x 4" Shallow 'Mad Mullet' - Black/Gold

The Black/Gold coloured 4" Shallow 'Mad Mullet' is the perfect size and colour for those shallow but merky conditions. When water visibility is tough we find the Black/Gold has a higher hookup rate than any other colour in the range.


1 x '105' Assassin - Grey Ghost

The Assassin's have been around since Lively Lures first started back in 1987 and today still prove that you don't change what works! The Grey Ghost is perfect for those clear sunny days and replicates those juvenile baitfish Barra love at lunch time!


1 x Arafura Barra '130'

Out of all the Arafura Barra sizes from the Lively Lures range the Arafura Barra '130' - Bleeding Mullet is the Lively fans pick of choice fishing for wild & impoundment Barramundi across the country!


1 x Lively Lures Tackle Box (Larger)

The perfect compartment for our most popular Barra lures!



PLEASE NOTE: All colours & sizes have been selected specifically for this Barra Box and cannot be changed. You can add to your order through our website but the pack has been designed for the ultimate all-round Barramundi fishing package.